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Questions 1: What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing is one of the most effective methods of communicating with customers,to inform the new products,promotion,or to send wishes. You can manage your business and enlarge your market with a PC at home.  
Questions 2: What can I benefit from Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a fast developed marketing tool recent years. With the characteristics of fast and wide spread,you can quickly promote your business through internet. As emails are playing a very important role in people's daily life,email becomes the most effective way of sending information and promoting your business.  
Questions 3: What service does MailRelease provide?
We mainly provide email sending and tracking services for business to run email marketing. You will enjoy our service because of the simplified email sending process. And tracking reports are quite helpful for you to manage your market.  
Questions 4: How can I get started?
You can start from signing up an account with us. You can purchase all services we offer under your account. We offer you free trial for 90 days. Start free trial of our service of 90 days.  
Questions 5: What if I don't have a large email list?
It's OK. You can import your former email list into your account with MailRelease. You can build up your email list with many methods. We also offer you with a tool to help you build your email list.  
Questions 6: Can I buy or rent an email list from MailRelease?
Definitely not! To keep the information security of our clients is the precondition of our work.  
Questions 7: Can I create my own templates?
Yes,you can. Our templates are all delicately designed. You can edit every template as you like. You can save those templates of your favor for future usage.  
Questions 8: Is my email list safe to be uploaded to MailRelease account?
Yes,we have been always paying great attention to the clients' information security. No information is allowed to leak out.  
Questions 9: How can I pay for the service?
MailRelease accepts most major credit cards including Master Card,Visa,American Express and Discover. You also have the option to make the payment through PayPal.  
Questions 10: Do you charge extra fee for your email templates?
No. Our email templates are totally free of charge. All the templates are available for every client.  
Questions 11: Is there any limitation on the number of emails I want to send out?
Yes, to make sure your emails get arrived to your contacts, we setup a suitable limitation for the mails you can send during the month.You can find out the quantity under this table:  
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