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  My Emails:  
  MailRelease makes email creating easy. With MailRelease, you can accomplish your professional-looking email creating with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to your former tiring and boring experiences of email creating.  
   Choose templates & Edit email:  
  Leave your former pallid and dull emails far behind and get prepared to face the delicate and amazing email templates we offer for you. We offer you plenty of beautifully designed templates for you to choose. You can create your very own email by choosing one template and adding some necessary modifications. We believe your very special emails will impress your receipts deeply.  
   Scheduled email:  
  This function enables you to send your emails out at a particular time in the future. This helps a lot when you are busy and may forget to send the very important emails out. Just setting the schedule time and when the time comes, the emails will be sent out automatically. You can cancel the sending any time before the scheduled minute arrives.  
  Track the emails you sent out. You can see clearly what your recipients have done to your emails. With this information, you can make your email marketing much more efficient.  
  My Contact  
    Import from a file:  
  It is easy for you build up your large contacts. Export one email address list from your Outlook Express or any other email clients. Import the list efficiently only with those useful terms you need.  
  Your email lists were enriched with the new email addresses input day by day. When you want to move these lists to another email client or you need a list of all these addresses, you can just export the list. With one click, all your email addresses will be exported to a list. How easy it is.  
  My List  
  This is the tool for you to manage your recipients. The recipients of the same kind can be classified into the same list. It is easy for you to manage the list, search recipient, and send emails of the same purpose.  
  Join My Mailing List  
  Join My Mailing List: Add "Join My Mailing List" button to your website to collect visitors' email addresses.  
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